Entertainment Show Host Reacts to Nuntaa’s 90% of Bloggers are Fake Comment

E-Hub Host, Bra Ike Referred to Nuntaa Ella as Under Performing Model

Entertainment Show Host for GBC Radio Upper West By Studio Name Bra Ike,  has reacted to a Post from Fashion Designer and Model by Name Nuntaa Ella after she had referred to 90% of Bloggers in the Region as Fake.

In the Reaction by the Entertainment Show host of E-Hub,  he labelled the model as non productive in the Entertainment Industry.


Nuntaa Ella ,The 10% won’t still write or promote you coz you got nothing to offer 🤣🤣🤣

Other Models are doing bigger projects and putting the region on the map, tell us a single project u have undertaken!?

Her attention seeking this days is becoming useless 🤔

“Ka model so,attention fa wo ho ben” 🤣

Attention seeking is not bad! But too much of it is………?

However Ranking Bwoy Gh threatened to expose some screen shots of the E-HUb host exposing his failed attempts to sleep with the model.

Source: Upperwestmedi.net

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