Wa West MP Constructs New Bridge at Nakor

Previous State of Nakor Bridge in Wa West

Residents of Nako in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region have thanked the Member of Parliament of the area, Hon Supt. (rtd) Peter Lanchene Toobu for financing the construction of a temporal bridge at the community.

The construction of the temporal bridge has become necessary after a 60 year old concrete bridge linking Nako, Polee, Bawa and Laniyiri to other parts of the district collapsed in August 2020.

According to residents, the collapsed bridge has brought life almost to a cessation as traders, teachers, health workers and other travellers from Wa, the regional capital, and surrounding communities are not able to access Nako and other neighbouring communities.

Assembly Member for the area, Hon Seidu Kassim revealed that the bridge which was constructed in 1961 has seen no major rehabilitation until it collapsed last year. He also regretted the District Assembly’s apparent neglect of the plight of the people as several complaints to the Assembly fell on deaf ears. “We have made several complaints to the Assembly, even the DCE and the district engineer visited the site but nothing came out of it. As the rains set in, we just have to improvise” he said.

It was therefore a sigh of relief when the Wa West Constituency lawmaker, Hon Lanchene Toobu pledged to support the community in their efforts to construct a bridge for temporal use.

Hon. Lanchene after assessing the situation conceded that fixing the broken bridge is above his individual capacity, and therefore appealed to central government to intervene. “Looking at even the debris from the broken bridge, you would realize it’s a huge one. The bridge also serves as a spillway to a dam nearby. Honestly the project is beyond my individual capacity”, Mr Lanchene said. He however lauded the community’s initiative to construct another bridge as a temporal solution, which he offered to support.

In committing himself to the community initiated solution, the Member of Parliament immediately offered to absorb the total cost of the temporal bridge amounting to about GH₵12,000.00. “As a temporal measure, I am taking the total cost of this initiative. My people need to access education, healthcare, markets, etc whiles we lobby central government for a permanent solution” he stated.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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