Telenovelas are corrupting Ghanaian women – Bagbin

Speaker of Parliament,
Rt. Hon Bagbin in Wa

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has cautioned Ghanaians against the indiscriminate patronization of foreign telenovelas.

According to him such telenovelas being shown on networks in the country are not only corrupting women to the point their husbands no longer recognize them but destroying the country’s culture too.

Speaking as a special guest at the launch of a book of former first deputy speaker Ken Dzirasah titled Defining Moments, a Trip from the village to Parliament and Beyond, Mr. Bagbin charged the nation to take to reading to preserve the country’s identity.

“The telenovelas of today on our television sets are figments of imaginations, from the cultures they originated from which have developed into storylines. Very often they have no bearings on our culture.

“These become storylines that captivate us to the extent that we are not prepared to miss one episode…my concern here today is about the content and the lessons we pick from them. It is about the content and its impact on us. These days I have been talking to a lot of women to stop watching those telenovelas because they are corrupting them to the extent that their husbands may no longer know them,” the former Nadowli-Kaleo MP said.

Source: StarrFM

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