JIRAPA: Two to appear before court for allegedly raping a school girl

Upper West Police

Two young men (names withheld) have found themselves in the grips of Police for allegedly raping a school girl.

The two young men believed to be in their early twenties allegedly raped the girl in the bush in the early evening of Monday, June 21, 2021.

According to reliable information available to piusdoozie.wordpress.com, the two young men who were on their tricycle (Nyaaba) stopped the innocent girl who was returning home from town to “offer her a lift to her community” as they claimed they were going to her community too.

Feeling relieved as she was also in a hurry to get home early to cook, she boarded the tricycle and when they got to Moyiri, they decided to use the Siiri link road with an explanation that they wanted to use the “illegal road” to avoid the police.
But in the middle of “illegal road” between the Siiri road and the main road (Jirapa-Wa road), the young men stopped the vehicle and asked the unsuspecting school girl to get down. When she got down, one quickly pounced on her and the other assisted and they carried her into the bush raped the innocent girl in turns.

The victim who was bleeding profusely was left in the bush and the culprits took their tricycle and returned to Jirapa town at around 6:30pm.

The parents of the victim reported the matter to the Jirapa Municipal Police Station and the Police arrested the second suspect this week after the first was arrested two weeks ago.

They two suspects have been arraigned before the Jirapa Magistrate court. They will appear before the court on Friday July 9, 2021.

Filed by: Sir Dicey Dakurah

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