Sissala East: Business Resource Center offers one-stop-shop for business take off

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RadfordFM in Tumu is been finding out from the manager of the business resource centre in Tumu why the Resource centre is momentous to the President`s visit tomorrow and whether the centre has what it takes to uplift the local Sissala economy.

The business resource centre built by the NPP government is expected to be commissioned by President Akufo Addo Tuesday 13th July 2021 in Tumu as part of his visit to the Upper West region.

Mr Aminu Sulemana the manager of the facility explained the centre would play a critical role in turning the business fortunes of the area and noted:

“This is a concept which is first of its kind in Africa and it’s a one-stop-shop for all kind of businesses, the President visit signifies the vital role the centre can play in uplifting the local economy of the Sissala people”

Mr Aminu added that “the President will use the opportunity to sensitize the locals to patronize the business resource centre by visiting the place with their business concerns for us to solve them”. He affirmed

He asserted that “Small Micro and medium enterprises as well as facilitation of businesses through registration of business certificates, Tax Identification Numbers are among the mandate given to them as well as, help to get people to access credit from financial institutions from both formal and informal sectors”

Since we started operations we advise, offer training and give counselling and mentorship to the youth. We have registered clients, where we help them to repackage their businesses and assist them with entrepreneurship pieces of training which have been given to the public especially women whom we have trained on the village savings and loans and other business models.

“Over 500 village savings and loans women groups have benefitted from credit schemes that were facilitated by the centre in Tumu and we, therefore, encourage the public to come to us with their concerns”

We do also represent other agencies like; the Registrar general department, the Ghana promotion centre and other regulatory agencies in the business sector.
There are 37 Business Resource centres in Ghana and for us to be among them means how the government plans to promote business in an agrarian area like the Sissala East where maize farming has huge potentials is a big step forward, Aminu stated.

Source: RadfordFM

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