High Cost of Water will Increase Health Complications – Assembly Man

Masahudu Adam Jabagdao, Assembly Man for Kambali Electoral Area

The Assembly Member for Kambali Electoral Area, Mr. Masahudu Adam Jabagdao has referred to increase in sachet water prices as alarming.

In an interview with Mr. Jabagdao, he explained that some people in most rural areas will no longer be able to afford sachet water due to economic situations in those areas, he added that some people are likely to return to the streams for water if the high cost continues.
He concluded that the development will result in most people contracting typhoid, discentry and other health complications due to the high cost of sachet water.


The cost of a bag of Sachet water went up from Ghc3 to Ghc4.50,  the development started on the 14th of June 2021 after Sachet Water producers association of Upper West Region took a close door decision on the prices.

According to the Producer of Happy Life(H2O) mineral water,  he stated that the decision was taken after voting,  he added that majority voted for the new price and as a result,  they opted for it.

There were also pressing efforts to prevent water from coming into the region from other regions such as Savannah Region.

Prices have dropped to Ghc4.00 since Monday 12th of July 2021.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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