Upper West Aspirant for NAGRAT Chairmanship Demands to See Delegates List

Yiryel Mathias is Aspiring to be NAGRAT’s Upper West Regional Chairman

An aspirant for the Position of Chairman for Upper West Regional National Association of Graduate Teachers,  Mr. Yiryel Mathias has called for the Teacher association to release the list of delegates to vote after several official attempts to get it.

In a letter copied to Upper West Media,  he explained that the list has been hidden from him despite requests for it.

He added that in order for the elections to be free and fair, the list has to be made public.


“I would be very grateful if this Noble arm of our grievance structure could facilitate in getting me the Regional Delegates list for upper west Region.
I am Mathias Yiryel an aspirant in the upcoming Regional Delegates Conference in the Upper west Region.
It has become necessary to extend my request through you in view of the fact that, I initially wrote to both “Regional and National Secretariat” for the delegates list and no response has been offered me.
Attached to this are both copies of my earlier request through both “Regional and National Secretariat”.
Hoping that, my humble request meets your fervent attention and necessary actions.”

The Letter was copied to the Upper West Regional chairman of NAGRAT.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

One thought on “Upper West Aspirant for NAGRAT Chairmanship Demands to See Delegates List

  1. Mr Mathias you have done the right thing continue to demand for it and do everything legally possible to get it. It must be provided. We are solidly behind you


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