Ambrose Dery warns immigration officers against aiding illegal entry

Member of Parliament for Nandom, Ambrose P. Dery

Personnel of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) have been cautioned to desist from aiding people to enter the country through unapproved routes.

Speaking at the commissioning of a testing centre sited at the premises of GIS, the Minister of Interior, Ambrose Dery said that the allegation about GIS officers taking bribe to allow people to gain entry into the country was disturbing, and described the act as unpatriotic behaviour which sought to sabotage the President’s effort at forestalling the importation of the virus.

He further noted that five officers of GIS linked with the bribery allegation have been hauled before authorities of the service and were being taken through a disciplinary process and would be dealt with.
The minister indicated that he receives daily updates on the arrest and repatriation of those who enter the country through illegal routes.
Those campaigning for land borders to be opened, he stated, should desist from such activity.
Mr Dery intimated that the land border closure would prevent the importation of extremists and COVID-19 cases.
The Interior Minister reiterated that land borders remain closed to passenger traffic, but not the movement of goods, hence movement of goods was legal.
He appealed  to GIS to make sure that it extends the testing facility to drivers and bus conductors who were hauling goods into the country, to prevent COVID-19 importation.
The minister expressed his excitement about the fact that those applying for permits have been asked to submit themselves to COVID-19 test at the premises of GIS at ¢150. “This would help us check the importation of COVID-19 cases.”
He said that, “The three Ts – tracing, testing and treatment – have been tripod for us. So for GIS to get a testing facility, it’s to supplement and support the President’s agenda to make sure we control and bring this COVID-19 under control.”
He pointed out that the testing centre was a stepping stone to a greater project of providing health services to officers of the service across the country
“The management of GIS and our health partner – V Check Health Solution – are mindful of the importance of addressing the basic health needs of our officers and our clientele,” he further added.
The service, he noted, was committed to complement government’s effort of maintaining adequate human resources at the workplace to ensure the effective running of public institutions such as GIS and also control the importation of COVID-19.


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