Wa: NPP Communicator Reacts to Extortion Reports from NDC

Dodoo Adil(Left), Mohammed Tando(Right)

An NPP Communication Team Member by Name Dodoo Adil has responded to information provided by NDC’s Communication Officer, Mumuni Mohammed Tando,  Proving that the Wa Municipal Assembly headed by Mr. Issahaku Tahiru Moomin and Presided by Mumuni Topie,  Assembly Member for Nakore,  were involved in extortion of Ghc20, 000 from market women and men.

Dodoo Zongo Adil writes…


Dear Muhammed Tando,

Respectfully, as a NPP political activist in upper west region and across the globe, been following keenly, and with considerable interest, your public exploits particularly media engagements since your election as the Wa Central Communications Officer of the largest opposition party in Ghana, the NDC. Even though, I wish, after this exercise, I could return a positive verdict on your performance so far, you haven’t, regrettably, given me reasons to do that. though I’m a true Patriot but, i was one of the persons who supported your bid upon conviction that you would do a much better job. But unfortunately, you haven’t given me any reason to award you with a pass mark. You have at best, been unimpressive.

And I’m sure after your baseless Press Conference at Wa Fadama market Friday, July 30th, 2021, you can only agree with me. It was so difficult for you to sustain your claims that the Municipal Chief Executive Hon, Tahiru Issahaku Moomin has woefully collect gh25,000.00 from market women before he can allocate them stores and honour their social contract with the market women which you sought to make in your recent press conference to the extent that you had to accuse the journalists of doing the bidding of the Municipal chief executive Hon, Issahaku Tahiru Momin after they asking you questions through your baseless press conference .

You wanted the journalist to only ask questions relating to the issues you raised in your statement and nothing more. How absurd! But nonetheless, they grants your wish. they then proceeds to confront you with concrete evidence challenging your claims particularly to you to mention one market woman money ( gh25,000.00) the Municipal chief executive Hon, Issahaku Tahiru Momin collect from? they then proceed and ask you to show your evidence? Mr Mohammed Tando, one thing I need to update you, the stores is for those who were previous sitting there for their daily bread not for those who were not sitting there before just like your parents. your father and mother went to the MCE office to beg for two stores and he told them the truth “the stores is for the poor market women who were sitting there many years ago, So i can’t give the store to you”
You just wake up in the morning and go to those people who already hate the MCE good works in the Municipality that you want to organize press conference against the Wa MCE. And they give you gh2000.00 through reliable sources and you used gh1000 for the media works
look at how cheap you are?

At this point, you became unenviably helpless and one could only sympathize with you.

Only when I thought your press conference was extremely embarrassing, you appeared on Sunmaale radio, on Saturday 31st July 2021 the following day. I can’t even describe the spectacle. It was a monumental disaster and not when you were subjected to FACTS CHECK by the venerable I’m challenging you to make a number of concessions for your countless unpardonable gaffes. Even the host of Sunmaale, couldn’t save you.

My brother, with this experience, I guess you’ve now seen your “smoothness level” and understand that you can’t speak so loosely and have your way when you appear on serious press conference. Of course, you would have your way if you were speaking on platforms provided by your party’s rented media houses. Obviously, this explains why you are so popular in the wa central constituency NDC, because, it is, perhaps, the only party that rewards “babies with sharp teeth” who can insult leaders of other political parties particularly your regional chairman. It is a party where ascension to political office depends on the sharpness of one’s teeth.

Finally, just before I let go of you, kindly vary your choice of words a little. The expression, “THIS IMPOTENT, NEPOTISTIC AND INEPT HON ISSAHAKU TAHIRU MOOMIN DEVELOPMENTAL PROJECTS IS UNTOUCHABLE IN THE HISTORY OF WA MUNICIPALITY IS CONCERNED” which you always use, is becoming just too monotonous. the market women are fed-up hearing you constantly repeat that expression. You virtually cannot construct a single sentence in a political conversation without attacking the MCE because he refuse to offer your parents a store. I am not sure that’s the only English you were thought in school. You are too predictable and that certainly, is not a mark of a good politician.
You also do not have to shout and denigrate elderly people to be able to make sense. You don’t have to verbally attack political opponents especially Hon, Issahaku Tahiru Momin before you can make sense. Take this brotherly advice from your friend and contemporary and you will go far. Don’t forget myself and my friends used to come to your room and drink Lipton tea and watch movies when you were first posted in Bole as a Teacher in 2007 we used to debate on Politics NPP and NDC and I know you will go far one day. but now a days I’m losing hope in you
Don’t let people push you in to a river. Enough of the cacophony! It is just too early for you to completely lose credibility in the political space. I will not be happy should that happen. I believe in young people and so, please, give me reasons to continue believing in young people like you and myself.


Yes, is true I met you at the mosque and you engaged me in a conversation about the press conference and you told me that “this afternoon you were going to tarnish Hon Issahaku tahiru momin through press conference at Wa Fadama market around 3:00 pm and you even said through our big men and women in NPP are sponsoring you with Ghs 2000” I proceeded and asked you who are those big men and women? You never uttered a word, I made mentioned of somebody’s name ,you laughed at me and said “I’m a smart guy” You said I showed you my phone calls with MCE? even you proceed and said “MCE told me he was leaving the municipality for us and that he was going to find a job any place he find himself” even MCE himself doesn’t know wether he was going to serve Nana Addo/ Bawumia government again not talking of me knowing it. human being, this is crazy. going forward i’m using only one phone and I have never sent my phone to Jummah mosque for the past 7 years either i put it in my motorbike boot or in the house.
At the same time on Friday afternoon 1:00 pm
I haven’t spoken with MCE I only spoke with MCE in the evening around 4:00pm even I called him on phone he wasn’t the one that called me, I called him for us to discuss about some important issues not your Baseless press conference, You can see that you are a very big liar,
per your Baseless writes up on Mr Dickson Desire Facebook comments box, it really sounds funny.
let me update you, I wasn’t a student of St kizitos Technical school I only went there for 3 months to write my Foundation Exams which will lead me to do my favourite professional courses (Chartered in Procurement management chain) that was my dream. even at the time we met at Bole I was a student at Wa polytechnic Now Dr Hilla Hilla liman Technical university My friends, Franklin,Munbarik, Mustapha and Messiah can testify that, hope you know them go and ask them whether i was a student of that school you are referring me to…you said i used to call you “Master” can you teach me? I can learn from you but you can’t teach me take that in mind, per your writes up you said “I used to smoke weed and you counselled me with my nefarious activities of weed and you said sometimes you give me money when we were in Bole.” when was the last time I chop your money? I only take tea and watch movies in your room and nothing else, since my parents give birth to me I have never engaged in such things I never smoke weed before I swear the almighty Allah,my five daily prayers, my 30 days of fasting and my motorbike I’m using I have never engaged in any criminal act or in drugs before.

For how long can we as a people think twice and to understand that development should not always be seen as an afterthought? We often as a people especially the youth paid by unscrupulous people from behind to tarnish the image of leaders that are doing their best because of their individual selfish interest for peanuts and we turnout to praise them when they are no more or out of office think of Mr.Mark Adam Banda,Mr.Yakubu Duogo and the rest,can we be serious as youth?
Mohammed Tando I am happy you said you are not representing your political party in your so called press release that is full of grammatical mistakes and errors without any concrete expression and facts because your party as a major political party wouldn’t allow you with such jokes.

If not witchcraft, hatred or wickedness I don’t see why you should hate Hon, Tahiru Issahaku Moomin and Abdul Rahman Karim Topie as MCE and PM respectively for no reason when they doing their best for the municipality and region and other regions and municipalities are proud and envious of them,take a visit to the central business district that is kejetia in Wa to see for yourself the Ultra modern edifices and structures erected there and you don’t need a saint to tell you through public private partnership the MCE and his PM are doing fantastic to the regional capital,the evidence is explicitly clear.Go there and be honest as a Muslim and concerned youth and apologise immediately to the gentleman of the municipality otherwise the ancestors of this land shall hunt you!

But it isn’t your fault it is because they secretly hoard scholarship for you to read a funny programme which is (Dondology) in Korea when clever and brilliant youth like sharifdeen Shash, Jinsung Rashid Osman Salim Wa Hanif Citizen Bobby Umar,A Walid Jnr Alhaji Bitis the servant ,Ahmed Jebuni,Saeed A Pharuk, Yakubu Jendaw is and co are available and could make the region and municipality proud and I know if any of the above have had the opportunity they would have been here with Doctorate and MPhil. It is because of this hatred your own MP Hon Dr Rashid Pelpuo rather ignored you and using your deputy Abubakari Kotie Nurideen Bitis because you don’t acknowledge people hand good work.
Mohammed Tando or whoever they called you it appears your political career is short that is why you are confuse and if you aren’t serious and you contest any position you are likely to loose because the gossip in you when it comes to your party affairs, a lot of elders and youth are talking about you. Is too much and you now got the gust to cross over to the NPP to do same? My brother be extra careful!Take the little they gave you back to the owner otherwise we will start calling names!
I am challenging you to take all your evidences about Ghana Secondary Cities Project and those market women you claimed they aren’t treated well to court or social welfare.

Because the good handwork of the MCE could lead to his re-appointment you are Sent from not even the NDC but people within to come and destroy?
Becareful otherwise we will roast you like a corn by the roadside. Quake!

Good day have a weekends.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

Thank you.

One thought on “Wa: NPP Communicator Reacts to Extortion Reports from NDC

  1. With all due respect, the editors of this platform must sit up and stop posting any and everything here. What sort of editing, grammatical, if any, goes into this sorry of a write-up before publication?

    “WWW” means “word wide web.” This is not for nothing! It means stories published are across the globe and therefore MUST meet simple journalistic standards, including acceptable grammar. Unfortunately, this write-up, from beginning to end has numerous grammatical errors, run-ons etc.

    Do your readers the honour of ensuring, that only properly scripted stories are published


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