“Beef” in Upper West Music Unhealthy – Ras Badingu

Popular Songster of Upper West Region, Ras Badingu

One of Upper West’s Most Celebrated Highlife Musician by stage Name Ras Badingu has called for Musicians in Upper West to Desist from Music of Insults.


“Beef beef beef,to the artists from my region upper west. Please let’s use the cape coast dancehall art who just past away as a way of lesson, if not one day we will regret and it will be too late.
Y3 veng ka te S3 langtaa, langbore nuore yieng suma.
But I blame our senior artist’s and colleagues in Accra who introduced this beef thing,see how it has landed,we can do clean beef without guns and knife’s.
My little advice for the upcoming artist’s and my colleagues who beef the young once is time to stop it,this is their time and we can’t take it away from them.
Let’s unite to push upper west entertainment to the next level,in #music #football #tourism and #Art #Movies upper west on the rise.
#kpakatiila new movement.
#welcometoupperwestalbum. Upper West Media DERRY GEE TV Dakurah Alaska Djderry Gee Asonya Gh BadinguMusic Iddrisu Dasana Alhaji”

Source: Upperwestmedia.net


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