Jirapa: “I need your help to survive” ~ woman cries after flood

According to Dongsaage Sungnoba, all her food stuffs have been lost to the collapsed building

A 79-year old woman in Siiri within the Upper West Region of Ghana is crying and calling for support from all benevolent individuals after she was rendered homeless due to the complete collapse of a house she,  her husband and a child were occupying.

According to the aged Dongsaage Sungnoba, all her food stuffs have been lost to the collapsed building. Some cooking utensils have also been damaged.

A visit to the scene revealed that the family’s only two rooms completely collapsed due to the heavy downpour that caused flooding around the structure.

She explained that ” the first room which served as our kitchen and storeroom collapsed at around 4am. We were alarmed by the incident and so we woke up and tried retrieving a few items in the rains. Unfortunately, the second room where we were sleeping collapsed too. We are thankful to God for keeping us safe in this accident that could wipe out the entire family”.

” I am completely confused. I am frustrated. I need the support of all benevolent individuals to help us have access to our basic needs of shelter, food and clothing. We have lost all our food stuffs. We really need support” she pleaded sorrowfully.

The sad incident has been reported to the National Disaster Management Organization in Jirapa but they are yet to respond.

The heavy downpour has visited untold traumatic experiences on the people in the Upper West Region. Several major bridges and roads have been washed off. This has made traveling from any part of the region to the regional capital (Wa) and vice versa very difficult and dangerous if not impossible.

To support Dongsaage Sungnoba and her husband and child, kindly establish contact with the following persons in the community: Richard (0547433106)
George (0547845514)

Source: Sirdicey247.wordpress.com

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