GES: Rising Tensions Ahead of NAGRAT Regional Elections

NAGRAT unstable Ahead of Upper West Regional Elections

The Upper West Regional NAGRAT elections under Ghana Education Service is set to be held and amongst the delegates and aspirants are grudges.

A Regional Aspirant has reported an attempted Assault on on him by the Regional Secretary Named Dominic.

According to Mr. Yiriyel Mathias, the Secretary attempted the act after he was confronted over some missing names from the delegates list.


“The above picture is the NAGRAT REGIONAL SECRETARY who attempted beating Mr Mathias at the meeting today at the Regional NAGRAT Office.

We received our delegates list on the 26 July and there were issues with some of the delegates in some Zones.A committee was put in place to audit the delegates list.The committee chairman submitted committee report on the 8/08/21 . Today there was REC meeting to discuss the report.The Regional finance officer said some people usually leak information about our meeting then the Regional Secretary said is MATHIAS and rush to attack me so those around prevented him.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,I have just gotten home from the police station.It was an emergency meeting called to discuss the discrepancies or ghost names on the Delegates list.So Mr James said some of people usually leak information discussed in our meetings to outsiders and that after our last meeting someone came to question him on some issues that were discussed in our last meetings.He didn’t finish his narration and Dominic just got from his chair and said is me and was rushing towards me . Those around me were holding him but he was threatening that I will see ,I will see .Then Regional Chairman ordered them to lock all the doors of the hall .So all the doors were locked,so I removed my phone to make a call and the Regional Chairman attempted to collect my phone.I resisted and made a call to my lawyer that my life was in danger.Tumu Chairman pleaded that they should open the doors and went for the keys and opened the door for me to leave.”



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