Destruction of Major Roads in Upper West Region Pushes Lorry Fares Up


The destruction of major road networks in the Upper West Region of Ghana has compelled transport operators to increase their fares.

The increase in fares according to the operators is due to long and winding journeys they now have to ply to reach their destinations.

But the increase in lorry fares due to the situation according to some passengers is having a toll effect on their economic lives.
The Industrial Relations Officer of the Ghana Private Roads and Transport Union (GPRTU) in the Upper West Region Alhaji Nuhu Mahama speaking to Info Radio explains that the destruction of the roads has now forced vehicles to pass through long distances to get to affected communities which he said, increases fuel intake and maintenance cost of the vehicles, hence the fares increase. 
Alhaji Nuhu Mahama assured the general public that, once the roads are fixed by the government, the transport charges will revert to normal.
He also called on the government to speed up the process to get the affected roads fixed.
Alhaji Mahama also bemoaned that the situation has serious economic hardship to residents in the affected communities.
Source: Info Radio

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