My Body Structure was Discredited by Vodafone Icons Panelists – Wiyaala

Wiyaala,  Award Winning Songstress 

The musical journey of the Ghanaian songstress Noella Wiyala was not an easy one.

Everything began when Wiyala auditioned for the Vodafone icons competition. Sadly, she got rejected two times, but her third successive attempt saw her accepted into the competition, and she won the competition entirely.

Narrative her ordeal on the Vodafone icons on the Kwaku Sintim-Mensah’s ‘KSM’ show on Pan Africa television, Wiyaala, indicated that she was rejected twice at the Vodafone icons auditions because they believed her voice wasn’t good enough, and that her looks weren’t what they were looking for at that time.

According to Wiyaala, she kept going for the Vodafone icons auditions because she felt there was something in her heart that people didn’t know she had. So, she felt it was the right opportunity to show people what she’s got.

“Everytime I went for the auditions, they use to tell me that my voice wasn’t good enough. Yes, to some extent it was true, but I just needed to train and I was also told that my looks wasn’t what they were looking for at that time.”
Wiyaala indicated that it was quite frustrating for her to hear those comments at the Vodafone icons auditions because she used to tell herself that; this is all she has and she doesn’t have anything to add to herself, and she doesn’t know what to change about herself as well.

“All I needed was the stage and the microphone and I am sure I can entertain people because all I wanted to do as a little girl was to dance, put smiles on people’s face, and just have fun.”

Wiyaala revealed that what kept her going back to the Vodafone icons after being rejected twice was a bit of anger to prove them wrong, and also her passion, dream, and love for singing.

“At that point, I needed to prove something because I had deferred my course and going back to Wa wasn’t an option at all.”

Wiyaala said that she has always been proud of how she looks right from infancy. She said She noticed she was different when she started developing muscles in her adolescent stage due to her sporting activities.

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