Wa: Wood dealers to be relocated to Nakore this Month

File Photo

The Wa Municipal Assembly says it has secured huge tracts of land at Nakore, a community in the Wa Municipality, to serve as a ‘wood village’ or a common market for wood dealers in the Municipality.

According to a statement signed by the Wa Municipal Coordinating Director, Pognaa Fati Issaka Koray, the move to relocate all the wood dealers from their current business places within town to the ‘wood village’ is to allow for growth and expansion of the businesses of wood dealers in the area.

“The purpose is to have a central point for all wood dealers and to also provide room for expansion and growth of wood businesses in the Municipality.” Part of the statement reads.

It further disclosed that before the move by the Assembly to relocate the wood dealers, several engagements and agreement on the subject matter had happened; adding that “Some essential service such as electricity has been extended to the site, there is provision of potable water and a police station is under construction to provide security.”

“in this regard, management of this Assembly wishes to inform the general public, especially wood dealers and clients that, the relocation process to the new site takes effect from 30 September, 2021 ending 30th October, 2021.”

The statement also called for public support for the move.

Source: A1Radioonline.com

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