MMDCE Elections: Nominees Shouldn’t be too Sure of Victory – Assembly Man

Hon. Masahudu Adam, Assembly Man for Kambali Electoral Area

The Assembly Member for Kambali Electoral Area, Hon. Masahudu Adam has signaled all MMDCE Nominees for Upper West Region not to be too sure of victory as trends have changed.

He sighted instances where a candidate of a particular election ever had one vote when actually the candidate’s wife including himself voted in same electoral area.

The Assembly Member went further to explain that residents of his electoral area should be contacted including the Sub Chief of Kambali Community before he takes his final decision as to whether to vote ‘NO or ‘YES’ in the Elections slated for 30th of September 2021.

In politics everything is possible,  I know of someone who contested in an elections and had 1 votes whilst his wife and child voted in the area including himself,  so who didn’t vote for him? Is it himself or his family? You can’t tell so everything is possible,  even during my schooling days  when I go for an election I persevere till the last day so it’s usual to expect surprises.

He assured the Public that the right thing shall be done in the Interest of the Region.



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