Outgoing Wa West DCE Accused of Sabotaging New Nominee

Wa West DCE Nominee, Bukari Ali(Left), Outgoing DCE for Wa West, Edward Laabiir(Right)

The Outgoing District Chief Executive for Wa West District,  Mr. Edward Labiir has been Accused by some Youth at Wechiau of Influencing some Significant number of Assembly Men to Vote Against The Nominee who doubles as Upper West Regional NPP Communications Director,  Mr. Bukari Ali.

Moments after the Results were announced at the Wa West District Assembly,  Two Ladies reported as being related to the Nominee Collapsed on the Spot, one other collapsed later,  the reason for their collapse wasn’t immediately known.

Some youth groups also pounced at the Outgoing DCE,  Hon. Edward Labiir attempting to physically Assault him but the Police were swift to keep him in their custody.

Some Residents of Mangu also stated that they saw the Wa West DCE Nominee Parking out of his residence in Mangu and preparing towards his new abode on the 5th of October 2021.

Reports collated in that regard explains that the Member of Parliament for The Area,  Hon. Peter Lanchene Toobu is from Pongentanga,  Same Place as the DCE Nominee,  a development that didn’t go down well with some Assembly Men, it was expected that at least an Appointee or Someone Elected comes from the Birifor Clan whilst a leader elected comes from the Colisi Section. Sources have disclosed that the DCE Nominee would have easily had over 60% Endorsement if Former MP,  Mr. Joseph Yieleh Chireh was Still Member of Parliament for the Area.

Two Other MMDCEs including Lawra and Jirapa Were rejected  and will go for elections again after 10 Days.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

One thought on “Outgoing Wa West DCE Accused of Sabotaging New Nominee

  1. Unfortunate write up by a tribal journalist! The current MP of the area is not from the “Colisi” tribe as you purported. He is a dagao and brifor as known are not tribal. Are the brifor assembly members over 23 in the district?

    You can do better that this cheap journalism. This is the reason why the district will not develop.

    During the general elections, it was a Dagao and a brifor. Why didn’t the brifor win the seat? That only cancels that misconception.
    I hate tribalism to the core.

    Say no to tribal journalism.


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