Nadowli-Kaleo: Selective Payment of Assembly Men’s Ex-Gracia Generates Problems

Nadowli-Kaleo District Assembly Hall

All Assembly Members of Nadowli-Kaleo have begun Processes to decide on whether to Confirm the Current DCE,  Madam Katherine Lankono for 3 More Years or Not.

52 members of the Nadowli-Kaleo district assembly have meet to confirm or otherwise the president’s nominee for DCE position Madam Kate Lankono .

Voting is about to start and the nominee need 2/3 of votes from members of the assembly to be confirmed. Meaning; Madam Kate Lankono needs 35 or more of the votes to be confirmed. Meanwhile, some former assembly members of the NKDA have expressed their displeasure the decision by the assembly to pay ex-gratia to some selected assembly members excluding some one them.

According to the disgruntled assembly members; they believe those paid are assembly members who had the opportunity to be in the house again. They alleged that, the selected assembly members who were paid there ex-gratia were unduly favoured due to they having having voting rights.

Source: Info Radio 91.1FM

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