My Sister Only Collapsed, Bukari Ali Takes On Joy News

Mr. Bukari Ali, NPP Communication Officer for Upper West Region and MMDCE nominee for Wa West

Outrightly rejected District Chief Executive Nominee for Wa West District Mr. Bukari Ali has debunked Joynews’ report that one of his sisters who collapsed over the outcome of his confirmation has passed on.

Joynews reported earlier this morning that one of her two sisters who collapsed at the premises Wa West District Assembly Hall when she could not withstand the outright rejection served her brother by majority of assembly members in the area.

But discrediting the report, Mr Bukari Ali urged the general public to disregard the report.
“Please disregard the joynews report that one of my sisters who passed out has died.” he stated in a Facebook post sighted by Sir Dicey Dakurah’s Blog.

He added that,
” They are both very well in their homes. “

It was widely speculated that Mr Bukari Ali was going to be confirmed with a landslide endorsement. He was however completely shot down and denied a reconsideration when 26 NO votes were cast against his confirmation. Only 15 assembly members voted YES for his confirmation.

Meanwhile, social media commentators are still questioning the decision of the assembly members. They do not understand why Bukari Ali who they describe as competent, humble and appealing to the folks would be rejected outrightly.



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