“We discuss results not education” – UW Regional Education Director

Upper West Regional Director of Education, Mr. Razak A. Korah

Acting Upper West Regional Director of Education, Mr Abdul Razak Korah has expressed displeasure that the general public and media only discuss education results and not education itself.

The Director said this in Wa during a General Meeting of the Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS), Upper West on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

Mr Korah said the public should rather be interested in discussing the causes and challenges of falling standards of education and not only criticize and chastise actors in the education space.

“My dissatisfaction here is that we discuss results but we don’t discuss education…When results are released and ranking done, the school at the bottom receives the bashing,” which the Director said was unfair.

He cited that when last year’s WASSCE results were released and schools ranked, “Takpo was at the bottom and everybody lambasted the people yet that same school at that time produced a girl with aggregate 10, nobody talked about that unique performance.”

The Education Director called for close collaboration between private and public actors in education to promote quality education for all.

He said there is the need for swift partnership between both sides in the implementation of education policies.

The Education Director also called for comprehensive and continuous record taking of students’ information in both sectors.

He said it is an area he is working to improve and ready to partner with the private schools “because at the end of the day, when we pulled out the private sector analysis in terms of BECE and WASSCE, we come down.

He estimated that enrollment into Junior High School in private schools keeps reducing as compared to the Primary level, thus he called on the private schools to review their practice.

Mr Korah finally called on the public including the media to take interest in education and discuss best ways of improving it than only criticizing.

Source: Info Radio

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