6 Signs You Were Raised by a Woman


The world is an interesting place and observing developments put you at the right side to expand your level of intelligence.

This assists you to make right and smart decisions in life.

There are some signs you can spot on someone to understand they were raised by a woman.

Firstly, When a man or woman envies someone to the extend of going miles to pull them down, such a person was raised by a woman, women naturally can go the extra mile to win battles and anyone they go along with or raise, they try to teach them such lifestyles, this pushes people they raise to also adopt to such attitude.

Secondly, people raised by women are so much into fashion, most especially men, they dress, look into the mirror, expect complements and keep spending on dressing to impress, you can see such thing in the southern belt of Ghana, you see men dressing and put much energy and resources into it to impress, anyone raised by women has that fashion sense.

Thirdly, People raised by a woman love to be complemented, complements like “my boss”, ” you look fresh”, ” you look wonderful today”. Such people are marveled by that and it all boils down to who raised them, women.

Fourthly, Men Raised by a woman compete a lot, they love to keep meeting standard and holding on to latest development, they love what is trending and not what is necessary, you can see a man buying a Latest Car just to impress and get complements and not because they really need it, all these boil down to how they were raised an who raised them, women.

To add to that, Men Raised by women have high Ego and always want to be noticed and honoured, this is because women naturally do not make the first approach, they also hold onto themselves even if they are dieing, they also don’t easily associate with people and all these are traces found in women and they easily teach that to people they raise. Due to these they easily hold on to grudges and disagreements for a longtime waiting for the second party to admit they are wrong, this is done mostly by men raised by women.

Lastly, Men raised by women are money lovers, they go the extra mile to get money because they feel they need enough of it to be respected and satisfy their ego, this pushes them into unnecessary pressure to make money.

Source: Opera News

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