Seven out of eight robbers have been set free after writing an appeal to be heard in a high court undisclosed.

These robbers were to serve ten years each per their sentence but have Been set free except RASHID who purchased the suspected items.


These Guys Were Sentenced To 10 years Imprisonment Each By The Wa High Court For Allegedly stealing a Relative of Mr. Eledi’s Home Theaters,Laptops And Other Valuable Properties, One Who Was Recognized As Sadat,Son Of Guonaa, A Chief Boucher In Wa has Tried Severally To Cut Off The Case By Issuing Over 30,000 Cedis As Bribe Which Was Rejected By The Police And Lawyers Together.They Were Remanded 90DAYS Before Proceeding To Court On 2nd December 2015.

One Of Them By Name ‘Chors’ is On the run and is currently hiding at Burkina Faso. Sadat Was said to have sent the laptop to Tamale to sell and this laptop contained valuable documents of Mr. Eledi’s Brother.

These guys ininclude Alorya Amadeus a notorious criminal well known in Wa,  sheriff, Rashid, Guonaa Sadat..

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