NSS Secretariat In Upper West Rejecting E-zwich Cards From Other Banks.

After a similar issue has been reported in Accra, Personnel of Nss in Wa are aggrieved over the pressure to be put on them to register with one bank called GN Bank in Upper West Region. NSS in Upper West has  opted to reject e-zwich cards from other banks for reasons undisclosed.

Upperwestmedia.net had similar information from Accra proving NSS personnel should register and get their E- zwich from Prudential Bank or get rejected.

An Interview we carried on one of the students from Wa Poly who is a student of I.C.T said “NSS registration challenged now turns to be issue of E-zwich from GN Bank only. This is inappropriate and causing discomfort for many. They owe us a big explanation why the so called new policy should be announced rather on the day of registration.

Probably higher authorities do not even know about this ungodly act announced to the general public”.

Some members are threatening to demonstrate if necessary measures are not taken.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/Upperwestmedia.net


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