Ezwich Challenges in U/W: NSS introduces second bank to register at.

Nss secretariat as part of their policies was rejecting ezwich cards from banks they did not authorize.

Students who are to enroll for their mandatory national service were asked to get their ezwich cards from GN Bank only else they can’t continue with their registration.

Upperwstmedia.net took up the issue and had to visit the nss secretariat in wa Municipal to find out the criteria used to choose the specified bank, they didn’t expatiate but said it was an order from above.

Students agitated and claimed it was unfair comparing the challenges they would go through queuing  and waiting for long hours, some said it wasn’t reliable as link failure could halt processes.

Nss secretariat has declared that as per consideration they have add another bank to the list for service personnel to acquire their e-zwich cards and that bank is Apex Bank.

This is for personnel in Upper West Only.

Credit: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/Upperwestmedia.net


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