Over 40 Riders arrested in Wa for ‘Lack’ of Vehicle License

As part of efforts to reduce crime and ensure all bikes are registered and riders licensed, the Driver and vehicle licencing authority in a consensus with the police mttu and Wa municipal assembly have gone out on their usual duty to arrest poor riders who weren’t having riding license grading from B as per the DVLA license specification for motto riders.
These riders when interviewed indicated they were arraigned before court where people who had their lawyers absent had to pay a fine of ghc100 and if found guilty of not having a license or not having a motorbike registration number, an offense attracted a penalty of Ghc300 before the victim can then go for the registration number or license.
Natives have expressed displeasure and referred to the act as monstrous and absurd.
They said some influential people are roaming in town with unregistered vehicles and yet nothing is being done about it yet they helpless people are being bullied for no reason.
This afternoon Uds students in bamahu faced similar unusual pressure from the police mttu at their school over license and registration issues.

Credit: Upperwestmedia.net


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