As part of complains that the wa west district is growing worse in crime rate, some teachers in Dorimon have complained of how their items including mattresses, home appliances and even sandals get stolen when they travel during holidays, one of the teachers admitted his mattress and bedsheet were stolen and when he laid a complain nothing was done so he issued a threat to take an oath, after some few days these items were found in a nearby bush.
Another teacher said his shoes were stolen also and when he threatened to take an oath these sandals were later returned but he refused to push the case further for personal reasons. contacted Ababasa, assembly man for the area and he said ‘ we are aware of the disturbing issue, most teachers have reported similar cases to us but when we insist on pursuing the issue further they resist also the issue of increasing crime rate has a lot to do with the few number of police officers we have in the area, when there is a problem what we do is to contact the wechiau patrols which is situated far from here if something can be done about that, am not satisfied with the number of police officers we have and besides some are not performing their duties”.
These teachers are saying the issue is affecting the academic stand of Dorimon because teacher don’t have interest in working there.