Protecting the Environment Starts With You – Zini Kuoro

The paramount Chief of Zini traditional area ,kuoro Abu Diyaka Sukabe lll has on a Facebook message Friday expressed concern for all of us to play our roles by protecting the environment , saying it starts ‘with you’ acting responsibly as environmental depletion has left the world insecured.RadfordFM News has gathered.
“I have never hide my concern for the issues of the environment and have always indicated that we are more insecure with a fast depleting environment than we are with thieves and nuclear war heads.”

Kuoro Diyaka emphasized the environment is more precious to us and the generations yet to be born than our collective worldly assets.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me conclude by saying this: there is none a precious asset in our individual wills, be it a house, a car, money or even fame/goodwill, more precious than the collective will of us all to leave a beautiful environment for the next generation.”

The traditional leader entreated all to be responsible by tasking all of us to play our roles,
“But that starts from each and every one of us. It is a collective responsibility from a collective call to appreciative the relationship we have with the environment.

We owe the unborn generation the greatest responsibility ever in the history of mankind; to leave to them as we met it or even at a better state the environment of the globe.”
The next generation will never forgive us if we don’t act now.

RadfordFM News-desk

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