4 ‘friends’ you are likely to have once you start making money in Upper West

Being rich or having lots of money can bring different kind of people around you; both good and bad people. Money is a magnet that attracts people whenever it comes.

Here are four types of people who come around you when you stay making money;
1. Praisers
These are people who are there to sing for you praise songs. These people are of two types; those that praise and encourage you to make more money and become influential and those that praise you so you can spend the money on them.
2. Doubters
Doubters are those people who will never believe that you really have made it in life.
There are also two groups of doubters; those that think you really don’t have the money and will push you to spend it so they can prove it is real, and those who think you have acquired the money through dirty ways (Illuminati minded people).
3. Destroyers
These are very bad and evil people who don’t recognize you when you are broke.
However, when you get the money, they start creeping up trying to bring you down. They don’t like the fact that you are rich.
4. Talkers
They were never in your life until you got the money. Now they befriend you and start enquiring how you got the money.
These people also draw stupid conclusions and start spreading ill ideas about you and your money.
Some will also start advising you on how to spend the money with an aim of bringing you down.

By: David R

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