4 Upper West DCE’s Who Don’t Stay in Their Districts

District  Chief  Executives  have inculcated  the habit of running to Wa Municipality to spend the night or week ends when they  can actually  do it in their various  districts to be able to know the problems  of their people and how to solve them.

If you really  think something  is lacking then provide  it, don’t run to another district or Municipality.  Our list of MMDCEs  have been properly cooked and served on the table below:

1. WA West DCE: Edward Laabiir won’t be the first nor the Last but the attitude  of running  to Wa has retarded growth in the District. From Adamu Dasaana, Basiera Sankara to Edward Laabir, this attitude  has become a culture even to the extend of being inherited by their workers,  they run to Wa at any giving time leaving the district  silent and retarded.

The question  is ‘ who should stay behind  and develop  the underdeveloped location?’ Still waiting  for the answer.  Youth in the area have challenged  this point stating that the risky nature of the district  for DCEs has always been the problem.

2. Nadowli-Kaleo: This district  has equally  faced the same problems. Should we say the Past and present  DCEs enjoy running to Wa Instead of staying  back to understudy  the problem?  From Abu Kansangabata to Johnbosco Bomansaang  down to Kate Lankono  has been the same story. They stay in Wa and Work 41km away from their offices,  how does that help a developing district,  imagine converting  the fuel wasted daily by these DCEs  in and out just for personal reasons, this fuel if converted  to cash can bring changes to a stagnant district like Nadowli-Kaleo, We all know the money  is not from their  personal incomes neither are they freebies. Most Workers in Nadowli-Kaleo have adopted to that strategy by trying to sleep in WA and work in Nadowli, by this they situate  themselves near Ramabus Goil Shell nicknamed  ‘Korikpala Station’ in an attempt  to go and come daily. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Nadowli-Kaleo DCE

3. Lambussie DCE: Boom Diyaka  never started it and won’t end it certainly, Braimah Wikana won’t end it either but the question is, why should he enjoy staying in Nandom than Lambussie when he should be in his town addressing  problems. Let’s honor our districts  by staying back to address  problems. He(Wikana) used to Stay in Nandom and Even taught  at Nandom Sec. for years but that shouldn’t  change the fact that he is a DCE  of another district and should be there.  

4. WA East:  Godfrey Tangu, Okonko Never started it and Moses won’t end it.  But to leave the district  and be in WA has gotten to this district  as well but the challenges  they find is the bad roads. Hitting the rough road is hindering their zeal but not stopping  them from running  to Wa Regularly. The workers are trying  to take this up as an attitude with some working for fewer days just to be in Town. This is reducing  development  and retarding  growth in Wa East.  Attitudenal change is a choice  not a force.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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