‘Pure Water’ Prices Drop to 20p But No More 3 for 50p

Sachet water in Wa and other surrounding areas have had it’s price increased by 50 percent after recent agitations by the sachet water producers assocatiation for price hikes with reasons that water bills and electricity  bills have shot up.

This sparked debates amongst the consumers  who  opined the prices were unfair considering that some areas in Accra still sell at 10 pesewas yet the they managed with 20 pesewas.

A section of sellers have said they no longer sell as compared  with previously and have decided  that even though a bag of sachet water now goes for Ghc4.00 from Ghc2.50 they still feel a profit of Ghc2 is Manageable  as compared  with the slow movement of the water for a profit of Ghc5 so they’ll  prefer to maintain the 20pesewas price but won’t sell 3 for 50 pesewas like they used to sell.

Pure water was being forced on consumers at a cost of 30 pesewas  but with the constant resistance, sellers have conformed with prices of buyers.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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