A second year student  of Queen of Peace Senior High in Nadowli  has been accused of witchcraft  by an individual in the school.

According  to the informant, Ajara Mahama admitting she is from Wa Nayiri was shot With a catapult in the waist by their watchman at midnight 2:00am after she turned into a cat with fire all over her.

The informant confided in upperwestmedia  on the request  of Anonymity.

The watchman after feeling insecure used a catapult to shoot the alleged spiritual  cat with was coming towards him.

Later in the morning a girl who was purported to be a cat told the security  man she was the one that night and that his action affected her ribs after the stone had her later that night. She admitted  they are 14 in total with 8 being girls and 6boys. The school  authorities  have reported  the issue to Ajara’s parents  for action to be taken.   This happened at the girls dormitory in Queen of Peace,  Nadowli.

– By: Upperwestmedia.net