Upper West Problems: When People Do ‘Well’ Let them Know

To do well is to be ethical  or to abide by outlines, is that all it seeks to mean?.   When a needle  falls into a deep well,  many will  look into the well but only a few will be willing  to go down after it.

We know how our culture is.

We have the outmoded,  parallel and dynamic culture. But there is a psychological superstition that when you acknowledge  someone  for doing good or well then the fellow will feel full of himself or herself  and become arrogant, I just laughed at that.

Won’t it be better to feel full of myself  for doing good and by that be pushed to do more? or are we saying we should be full of our selves for the wrong purpose.

Just like lies can dominate  over truth, truth can equally dominate  over lies if only we hail the truth.

When I help someone  they keep silent because  I don’t deserve  the name but deserve  the responsibility  right?

Well, responsibilities  are for committed people  and how do you keep them committed? By motivation and it comes in so many ways, that includes  acknowledging people either verbally or physically.

You can imagine  doing good to someone  and the person comes to thank you or discuss it in public,  that zeal and feel of excitement  and propel of confidence  and pride will not only push you to do more but also push you to have a free conscience and indirectly Lure more people into looking  for such a name and repute.

People love attention, appreciation  and the name.

That’s why we have fake awards these days to award cronies.

Why do you think that happens?  To boost their morale and push them to do what they do best.  If your grand parents or parents  ever told you acknowledging will make one arrogant, then it’s a misplacement of priority because  neither will blaming and complaining make someone less arrogant, consider  the effects of constant  blames and complaints:

1. When nothing is appreciated  the little appreciation  will lure the fellow away to the source of appreciation.

That is why the drinking spots host more people than we can imagine.  When people go there,  the respect,  appreciation and honor is higher,  people smile, buy things for others and they acknowledge  you in public, even when you make a mistake there it is not taken very serious and no body blames or judges you. So let’s think of how we can relocate this attitude  to the right place.

2. Romantic relationships: This appreciation and honor can also be found here..  Boyfriends and girlfriends appreciate  a little kindness and admit it even in the form of appreciation with kisses. So when people get this knowing  very well they either get blamed or never appreciated  elsewhere why will they ever go where their wrongs were only noticed.

That culture  of not acknowledging  and appreciating because we feel the fellow should do it or it is his or her responsibility  should stop and we can have the world back.

Suggesting  based on this that from today when people  do good talk of it just like you talk  of the bad, let’s try to even silence the bad most often,  lets solve the bad more internally  by involving a few, preferably consulting the fellow.   We shall be okay one day.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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