The inflated Flat Sachet Water Prices, Power of Greed or Unity?

Sachet water of late have had an unbearable price hike within late days of November and the public can’t stop talking of the situation.

Most have the feeling some individuals in positions have been taking them for a ride, Some went to the extent of Mentioning names, they are of the view that one of their Sons, Mr. Toyiba Mahama has the power to take decisions when it comes to sachet production but sat aloof to watch the uncouth decision take place.

Some residents spoke to upper west media on the request for anonymity.
Their comments follow below:

“We know Alhaji Toyiba is behind the hikes, if not then he should reduce the price of his water, the water he produces is too flat to merit the price he demands, its not even up to 300ml yet he boldly writes 500ml on the sachet water, it too flat, we shouldn’t be greedy with water.”

“Its actually a sad day to be from upper west, we actually don’t wish for our own betterment, lorry fares have shot up unnecessarily, now its water the pure water producers only think of themselves and are united against the masses, let’s note them down for tomorrow.”

” Silence is golden, the least said about these producers the better, we are ashamed of them.”

Upper west media checks in stores proves water goes for Gh0.30p and a bag for ghc4.50p from previous Ghc3.00.
Sachet water rose from ghc0.10 in 2013 and increased by 50% in 2018.

Pure water per upper west checks still sells as follows in various locations:

1. Accra-Amasaman – Ghc 0.20p
2. Tamale – Ghc 0.10
3. Sawla – Ghc 0.20
4. Accra-Oduman – Ghc0.10
5. Kumasi – Ghc 0.20p
6. Bawku – Ghc 0.10p
7. Bolga – Ghc 0.20p
8.Takoradi – Ghc 0.20
9. Cape Coast – Ghc0.20
10. Techiman – Ghc 0.20p
Inflation according to the Ghana Statistical Service shot up to 11.4% in Upper West in 2018 with Upper East being the least with 7.5%

Some Sachet Water Companies and their Owners.
1. A1 – Issahaku Tahiru Wa Central MCE
2. Zam Zam – Toyiba Mahama
3. White Rock – LA France
4. Alele Ice – Issahaku Suleiman -Nadmo Upper West
5. Tinbell – Lankono family – Nadowli-Kaleo DCE
6. Upper Spring – Sahnun Moqtari
7. Rama – Adams and Rahma – Takpo



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