Children Idling in Wa at Late Night

Young Children Idling in Wa-Kabanye

Young children below the age of 10 have been spotted in Kabanye residential area as at 11:00pm on Sunday 17th November 2019.

These children numbering 5 were seen in front of a business center close to the road side playing with objects.

The children admitted they go to school at will and won’t be going to school the next day because they don’t have school uniform, sandals and books.
Asking if they had no parents or guardians, some children suggested their parents were home and asleep, others suggested they came to visit grand parents and were not compelled to sleep early.

Checks carried out by this media house proved some parents in Wa prefer sending their children to learn a trade at an early age than to school, some of these children use that as an excuse to leave the house to any place at will without prior monitoring by parents. Some other parents also live in a room that cannot comfortably contain their multiple wives and children and by this, send these children on errands or chase them out in order to have sexual intimacy with their wife or wives.

Some of these actions have resulted in children idling and carrying out miscreant acts late at night through the influence of neglect, hunger and peer group influence.


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