Students Learn on Bare Floor in Eggu

Students of Eggu in Wa West

Most pupils at the Eggu R/C Basic School in the Wa West district sit on bare floor to learn due to lack of furniture.

This was revealed when Radio Progress visited the school. It was observed that some of the classrooms in both kindergarten and primary school did not have furniture, thereby, compelling the pupils to sit on the floor during lesson hours. Meanwhile some classes had few furniture with two to three children spotted sitting on one dual desk.

Some pupils were also seen sitting on broken blocks, stones and broken pieces of windows.

It was further observed that from Kindergarten to primary four levels had no single desk, forcing the children to sit on the floor to learn.

Headteacher of the school, Seidu Malik who spoke off record said the situation has been a worry to both teachers and pupils in the school. He said he has made several efforts to get authorities inform about their situation.

Dog-bu Suglo, speaking on behalf of the chief of Eggu, said that the situation had adverse effects on the development of the children and did not guarantee the expected good academic foundation for them as future managers of the country.

He added that the current state of the school is worrying as pupils are often seen daily crawling on the floor during instructional hours.

According to him, all efforts to have their challenges addressed have proven futile as their pleas to the Wa West District Assembly had not witnessed any positive response.

He therefore appealed to other state institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, philanthropists, individuals among others to assist the school to acquire some furniture to give proper foundation to the children.

Filed By: Radio Progress

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