‘Dagamuni Susu’ Pushing Some Waala Girls into Prostitution – Report

Wa In Upper West

It will appear shocking but true that Daily savings popularly referred to as Dagamuni Susu has pushed so many young girls and women into flirting in Wa Municipality.

The girls who are desperate and determined to save monies and never fail the conditions attached to these investments tend to demand from men in exchange for sex.

Some of these ladies so desperate can even bargain with men for the money and the next thing is to have sex in place of the Money, this has pushed these girls into dating multiple men in order to meet their Targets.

Some go to the extend of telling men to buy them phones which they later sell with the excuse its missing in order to meet their susu targets, others ask for men to help pay room rents and later take the monies from landlords to fulfill their savings agreements.

Most of these ladies speaking to Upperwestmedia team with request for anonymity stated several reasons for their actions.

“I save because I want to start a business, I haven’t been to school so I think saving through this means will help me because I save 50 cedis a week and in a year I’m expected to get 2,600 cedis which I’ll use to travel and rent a shop to bring in goods to sell, the interest rates at the banks are high and nobody is willing to help not even your family, they live from hand to mouth and others don’t want some children to be better than their children, this is the only way out and renting a shop is so expensive these days” a lady admitted.

‘ honesty, I save because I want to buy a motorbike, haojue, I have a motorbike but I need enough money to be able to go to the motor shop to swap with my old one so I joined susu to get the money in order to buy the motorbike, all my friends have it” another lady said.

” Its not easy saving because there is no money these days and no man is willing to give money without receiving so we sometimes have to help them in order to get what they want” asking if they don’t bother about sicknesses such as covid-19?

“I use condom and we don’t kiss so it will be difficult to contract it” she responded in the local language Waali.

Many others we spoke to admitted its difficult to do business in Wa as many people who buy goods refuse to pay in the name of ‘Tijaabunyeni’ they also added that the cost of renting a shop is frustrating because if one rents there won’t be money to bring inn goods which discourages trading unlike Techiman where shops can be rented monthly or yearly, one has to pay for two to three years in Wa.

Dagamuni Susu is a method of Saving in Wa where people deposit money weekly and go for their money after a year in order to use the said money for business or personal reasons.

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4 thoughts on “‘Dagamuni Susu’ Pushing Some Waala Girls into Prostitution – Report

  1. Hmmm
    Am terribly shocked
    This once again goes to raise the question of our social support system and our aged old extended family system
    Gone were the days where and when every body could pay every child’s fees because every child belonged to every body
    The cause of this can also be related to the polygamous system that’s been practised here. Waala men believe in marrying so many women where the women will be left alone to compete in taking care of themselves and their children. Some of the men are actually irresponsible and this I’d what is pushing the girls into this kind of thing
    But how come it’s such expensive to rent s shop in WA?


  2. Upper West media,I do like your enthusiasm to bring people up to speed with news within the region,bravo. But this story I found a bit absurd. How many waala girls rent rooms on their own here in WA? This a quack and fabricated story. It won’t put the spotlight you wish to bring on the region but rather bad image. You need to wake up.


  3. Wish u will research into the continues Open Defaecation in the Wa municipality n why most houses built in the municipality are without toilets n water. It’s very frustrating looking for accommodation in the municipality with the two as a stranger yet there are several houses around without toilet facilities. The populace seem to forget Wa is a regional capital n things cannot be done as usual


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