Farming season and inadequate information cause of slow start of registration in Tumu

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Visit by  RadfordFM in Tumu to three centers showed a slow start to the process.
As at 8:25am of 30th June 2020,  the Tumu Traditional council where the Tumu Sec.Tech polling station had been mounted,9 persons had been registered and given their cards.

At the the GPRTU as at 9:05am on the first date ,only 12 individuals had registered. By 9:40 one of the most populated area Central Ahmadiyya mosque in the heart of Tumu, only 13 people had registered.

Some of the people waiting said
“the exercise was ongoing smoothly even though registrants complained of slow pace of the process but was hopeful that, by the close of day,we should be able to get registered “.

Others at the Ahmadiyya central mosque said the process was also slow with low attendance, a phenomenon the PNC parliamentary candidate for Sissala East who was seen observing the process Mr Kingsley Kanton noted “so far peaceful but slow and blamed it on the farming season where most people are sowing whilst others are looking for tractors to plough”.

It was also observed that,the COVID-19 protocols was heavily observed, as veronica bucket and liquid soap were made available for persons to wash their hands before one joins the que where social distancing is being displayed.

Temperature of all persons were taken before having access into registered center. Party agents of NDC,NPP and the PNC were seen excerpt uniform security men who were not seen at the times of the visit.

Today the electoral commission has started the registration exercise for eligible Ghanaian,as it prepares towards the 2020 general elections.

The Municipal electoral officer Mr Charles Ohene-Bonsra told MBS on 107.5FM that ‘ the process has started smoothly and they are available to resolve issues that might arise.

The NCCE were however called upon to step up their game in Information Delivery and Education.

Filed by: RadfordFM

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