Sissala East: Manufacturing Factory under a Shed[Article]


A Mini Factory In Sissala East

Factories are known to be located in big cities and towns and under big establishments but this factory hosted under a shed, has being performing like the big factories in developed countries especial the big auto-noble factories in Europe. This factory majors in manufacture of agriculture equipment as the area of location is largely an agrarian (into crop cultivation and animal rearing).

Pulima is a community in the Sissala West District in Upper West Region of Ghana. Pulima community though in Sissala West District but is just about five kilometers away from Tumu,the capital town of Sissala East Municipal also in the Upper West Region of Ghana.


Mr Moro Dumua Mockson is a 40 year old artisan. He hails from Pulima in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Mr Moro is a product of Bolgatanga Senior High Technical School. After completing Senior High school he had an opportunity to work as a laborer at the then Ghana Cotton Ginery in Tumu and was attached to the welding and fabrication department. Mr Moro developed the passion to be an inventor whose work will solve societal problems and thought of nothing but  facilitating the cultivation of crops.

Be as it may,Mr moro travelled down south in search of greener pastures specifically Kumasi.Here,he learned wood works and later came down home again after unsuccessfully settling on a desired job .Back at home he learned how to operate tractor especially how to plough with it and subsequently also mentored a lot of youth in the pulima community on how to operate tractor especially ploughing.

He reignited the idea of welding and innovation of what is most desired In his surrounding and had to settle on agriculture equipment or machines.

Mr moro gradually mastered the act of manufacturing shellers or thrashers for the processing of maize (dehuskin and seprating the seed from the trash) and this served as the bedrock for his take off.

Mr Moro set up his factory under a shed with the dream that,one day a community seize and well enclosed factory will be given birth to.

This man’s talent caught the attention key players such as individuals and non-governemental organizations both local and international. His products were patronized by MIDA, USAID, CGIZ Catholic Relief Services and Soya Innovation Lab (SIL).

The big factory under shed currently has about 11 apprentices from different background. Mr Moro’s junior brother has also gone into his own production after many years of undergoing apprenticeship with him.

His market base covers Upper West Region, Upper East Region North East Region and Northern Region and internationally, Burkina Faso where farming is largely practiced and hence quest to get machines that can facilitate large size cultivation.


Mr moro through an organization called Soya Innovation Lab (SIL) has travelled to 15 west African countries to share with other artisans his innovations and how some of his products could be manufactured by others in those countries so as to promote Agricultural production and thus reducing labour intensive method of cultivation which has reduced size of land cultivated these days.

Some of the countries travelled to include but not limited to: Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Burundi, Malawi, Ethopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda and so forth.


He manufactures about 30 plus threshers every year


This machine can thrash 50 bags of maize per an hour.It removes seeds from the stalk and the husk.


This machine can process maize, rice and sorghum

Maize -35 bags per an hour

Rice -25 bags per an hour

Sorgum-20 bags per an hour


Produces 400 pieces within a spade of time and NGOs have been the largest patrons


This container is hooked to a tractor and mean for transporting water in large quantity


He manufacture’s trailers hooked to tractors and used for carrying farm produce and usually accompany the thrasher and after processing used to cart produce home of market center.


This bed facilitates safe delivery by expectant mothers at the health centers.


This is used in the thrashing of groundnuts as the process was very labour intensive and there deterred farmers in groundnut cultivation in large sizes. Since the introduction of this machine, groundnut farming has seen an up-surge in the Sissala area.


This machine does through sieving (removing seeds from stalk and husk) and releases quality seeds after processing and hence the preferred machines for organizations into seed processing. This maize will be a sigh of relief to maize out-growers.


This design was taken from his visit to Milan in Spain. This machine does processing in large quantities within a short time.


The prices range from ghc 8,000 –ghc15, 000.


  1. Capital is needed to expand production as is mostly operated on demand -driven system of production and it taking some time to complete.
  2. Needs sophisticated machines in molding some of the parts of the machines
  3. Spacious space and a befitting enclosure to prevent machines under production from the vagaries of the weather.
  4. Needs helping hands as demand is always more than supply







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