Speech Read on Behalf of Boli Naa to Dr Bawumia was Fake – Boli NDC Team

Dr. Bawumia was in Boli during his campaign tour in Upper West

Communication team of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) headed by Topie A. Suleiman in Boli of the Wa Municipality has released a press statement rebuking a statement purported to be from the Boli Naa.

Dr. Bawumia Promised Government is considering building one of the proposed 16 Model Senior High Schools in the country at Boli in the Wa Central constituency of the Upper West Region.

Speaking at a durbar of chiefs and people of the area as part of his campaign tour of the region, Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia said the construction of the senior high school there will make secondary education more accessible to the people.

Statement from NDC

Friends from the media, Ladies and Gentlemen, September 8th, 2020 was a sad day for the people of Boli especially the youth when a speech purported to be coming from our respected Boli naa, Naa Mahama Issahaku, was read at a durbar held in Boli. The purported speech was written and read by one Osman Haruna “on behalf” of our revered Boli Naa.
When the statement was read at the durbar, many people were confused as to whether the speech was truly coming from him (Naa). The people of Boli realized how a young man or a group of young men could sell their conscience and moral upbringing to the extent of lying against a revered Chief like the Boli Naa, Naa Mahama Issahaku. From our own investigations, we can tell on authority that the said speech was not authored by our chief.

When he heard on radio what was attributed to him, he felt maimed. It was evidentially clear that those who wrote the speech, never briefed the chief and his elders before coming out to read it. Luckily they got away with because the speech was never translated at the grounds for everybody to understand the gravity of the lies told. The Chief was not even given a copy of his own speech as I speak to you now.

By this, our compatriot Boli People will now know the NPP as a group of people who lie beyond boundaries, doesn’t care about how they lie or who their lies affect. We are therefore calling on them to be honest as young peoples, retract and apologize to the chief and people of Boli.
It was a sad day to be a Boluu (a native of people) on that day. At a time when the current government did little to alleviate the suffering of the Ordinary Ghanaian, my NPP people in Boli were comfortably praising the NPP. At a time that our Regional Minister, Dr Hafiz Bin Salih refused to implement the snake bite committee report on Late Shahid, failed to meet the family and Boli people , my Boli NPP people were hailing Dr Bin Salih and the NPP.

Meanwhile the same regional Minister referred to Boli as his maternal home. What an irony! At a time when there is complete sideline of Boli by NPP, my Boli NPP people still praised the NPP. Is it a curse to belong to NPP?

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s turn our focus to the purported speech by those NPP boys who took the vulnerability (His illiteracy status) of the chief to mislead the public. The claim that NPP has a superior record in Boli is palpably false and should be ignored. There are numerous achievements of the NDC that cannot be compared to any political party in the community. The following are some of the achievement of NDC in Boli:
The Boli rural electrification project was done by the NDC under the able leadership of the Mills/Mahama.
For the records, the Npp never built a single KG contrary to what they put out there in the media. The facts are clear. The NDC built the first 6 unit Boli Primary School ‘A’, built the first ever Kindergarten with ancillary facilities and a toilet, the other KG in the community was built by Plan Ghana with community support. The NDC through Hon Dr. Rashid erected an extended classroom for the Boli JHS ‘A’ to meet the pressing needs at the time. The NDC has over the past supplied the schools in Boli with Furniture with Hon Dr. Rashid championing this course. The NPP in their past eight plus four years cannot boast of single furniture supplied to the schools in Boli.
On accessible water, The John Mahama led NDC mechainsed the Boli Bantan borehole, constructed one at the Boli CHPS and another at Karimadau backyard through royal bank partnership. The NPP can only boost of a borehole at old JHS.
President John Mahama extended school feeding to cover the schools in Boli. The NPP could not even bring furniture to the primary and JHS block built in 2008 and 2018 respectively.
The NDC extended LEAP to Boli. Legible Vulnerable persons were denied enrolment unto the LEAP programme for reasons best known to the NPP until the NDC party came to power in 2009 to extend it to the community.
The NDC brought block farming to Boli and everybody benefited from this initiative. A proud native of Boli was given SADA tractors and almost every soul benefited from SADA in Boli. Mills/Mahama NDC completed the Boli CHPS, added a toilet facility and operationalised it.
On Sanitation, the NDC built the only public toilet in the community. The NDC employed indegenes of the community into the zoomlion and stationed them at Boli instead of forcing them to go and sweep at Wa.

The Boli Area council was built and later renovated by NDC.
On Agriculture, the only Boli dam was constructed by the NDC. SADA had two tree planting farms in the community, one on the Boli Dapuoha road and another behind the Boli Dam. About 20 people were employed through these trees planting project. The trees are still there for everybody to see. So the President was poorly briefed when he said the NDC has no record or project of SADA in the community.
Under youth and employment Programme, the NDC has a superior record there too.

Over 25 persons benefited from the youth employment in the last eight years of the NDC compared to the NPP 16 in their last 8 plus 4 years.

Full Statement in Word Document Below:

[Download Word Doc]


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