Sissala East: Residents outline 45 expectations from MP-elect

Mr. Amidu Chinnia, Deputy Upper West Minister

Electorates of Sissala East Constituency in the Upper West Region have outlined their expectations to their lawmaker for the next 4 years he will be staying in parliament.

Some major concerns they express were about their Major roads leading to Leo, Bolga and Wa.

Mr. Amidu Chinnia, Current Deputy Regional Minister of Upper West is MP-Elect for Sissala East Constituency.

Upon interaction with Sissala East Constituents, these are the priority areas of the people to our MP elect and which ever president that is sworn and also not excluding the Fomena MP elect who is now a hot cake in our governance as at now.

These include but not limited to :

1) Lobby for the Fixing of the Wa-Tumu – Bolgatanga Road

2) Lobby for the Siting of Tumu Border at Boundary with Burkina Faso

3) Lobby for the Fixing Tumu Leo Road

4) Lobby for the FixingTumu – Wahabu Road

5) Lobby for additional Structures for Tumu Midwifery Training College

6) Lobby for the Up-grade of Sissala East Municipal Hospital

7) Lobby for Up-grade Welembelle hospital into a Polyclinic

8) Lobby for UP-grade of the Nabugubelle clinic

9) Lobby for Fixing Welembelle and Sakai Town water Systems

10) Lobby for Fixing Bugubelle – Tarsaw – Kulfuo – Challu – Bakwala – Tumu Road.

11) Lobby for Fixing Kassana – Tanvieli main Bridge

12) Supply Furniture to Tumu Midwifery Training College

13) Facilitate the incorporation of Health Assistant Program in Tumu Midwifery Training College

14) Collaborate with Sissala West District to Create a Market around Kupulima

15) Lobby or Facilitate the fixing of Welembelle to Santijan Road

16) Lobby for the Fixing Duu East to Bawisibelle main Bridge

17) Lobby for the Fixing Kunchogu to Wuru Road and also connect them to national grid

18) Facilitate telephony connections in Distance communities

19) Lobby or Facilitate the building of Nabugubelle Market

20) Lobby for the Fixing Santie to Bugubelle Road and Santie to Sakalu

21) Lobby for or Facilitate St Clare’s Vocational Institute to benefit from Government feeding program

22) Nmanduanu to Yigantu main Bridge be fixed

23) Lobby for or Facilitate the Completion of the Welembelle Day Senior High school

24) Sponsor brilliant but needy students to study medicine

25) Scout for medical Doctors for Tumu and Welembelle Hospitals

26) Facilitate the Creation a place for artisans in Tumu (Magazin)

27) Lobby for youth in Apprenticeship program

28) Facilitate zonal accessibility of subsidized fertilizer to needy Farmers

29) Lobby for Rearing for food and and export program in Sissala East Municipal

30) Electricity extension in Tumu Township and other communities

31) Facilitate the development of potential Tourist sites in Sissala East Municipal

32) Develop an Eco-village in Wahabu

33) Lobby for the scaling up of beneficiaries of LEAP

34) Institute measures to ensure revenue mobilization

35) Lobby for an inland port for the Tumu border

36) Put into good shape the Tumu main Lorry Station

37) Lobby to bring NGOs into Sissala East Municipal

38) Lobby to bring investors both locals and foreigners into Sissala East Municipal

39) Creation of more Tumu Town roads and Fixing of those roads.

40) Lobby for befitting Irrigation dams not dug – outs for the Municipality

41) Lobby for the fixing of the Duu East to Bawisibelle main Bridge

42) Opening up of Road from Bawisibelle to Kormo, Sakai to Pieng, Tanvieli to Kunsolo to Wuru

43) Create An MP’s office purely non – partisan to receive concerns from constituents

44) Lobby for a Cattle Market in Sissala East Municipal

45) Lobby for one of the modern Technical /Vocational School.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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