U/W:Elections are Won at Polling Stations – MP-Elect Backs Demonstrations

Wa West MP-Elect, Peter Lanchene Toobu

Member of Parliament Elected for Wa West Constituency, Mr. Peter Lanchene Toobu has stated that elections are won at polling station advocating for the president to heed to the call of the National Democratic Congress in Addressing their concerns.

The former secretary who resigned to campaign in Wa West District polled 27, 550 votes to be elected member of Parliament for Wa West.

Mr. Peter urged the Flag bearer of NDC not to relent in hos efforts to seek justice for the party and also to ensure all votes count in order to secure victory for the National Democratic Congress and also to save the masses from the loss of jobs and other opportunities.

Wa West was carved out of Wa District in 2004 by former President Kufuor splitting Wa District into three constituencies namely, Wa East, Wa West and Wa Central.

Wa West Constituency 2020

Daniel Dari Kuusungno(NPP) – 13, 143

Peter Lanchene Toobu(NDC) – 27, 550

Video Link

Source: Opera News Ghana

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