Sleeping at Beer Depots was a Disgrace – Joseph Ziem Write

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Dear proud Dagara biir. We saw this publication and we think that it is worrying.

We have no problem with the journalist or media house that published the story. But we are worried that our people, Dagara and other tribes in the Upper West Region can drink so much alcohol to the extent that they run out of stock and it will become news globally. Please, let’s all from now onwards, be deliberate advocates of entrepreneurship and other forms of investment whenever we find ourselves in the midst of our people.

That would define us more positively than alcohol. It’s uncommon to find an alcoholic who is a successful entrepreneur and vice versa. Our people think they are poor but it’s not completely true.

You can’t have many livestock at home but still go about asking for money to start a business, pay medical bills, school fees, buy a land, etc. You can’t have many livestock but still eat soup that has no protein. This is the problem with many of our people.

Our people must begin to understand that they are wealthy people and can do alot with the resources at their disposal than sitting in drinking bars wasting money that will earn them a bad news headline.

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