The fate of Orphans in the Upper West Region

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An orphan is a child that has lost one of his/ her parent or both. Been an orphan is not by choice but by destiny. In this article we try to discribe some of the challenges most orphans face in our part of the world [upper west region.]

To start with,  orphan most of the time are usually school drop out. It is so because they lack funds to continue to stay in school after the Lost of their parents. It is especially so because most members of their extended family usually tend to pay much attention to their own children rather than their siblings children hence their plight of school drop out.

Also orphan tend to be live in unhabitable environment like the streets in Urban areas. The quest to gather material wealth for my children as perceived by extended family can be blamed for streetism in cities. Because after the dead of one parent some greedy family members tend to claim the property of the dead for his family at the expense of brievefed family. Instances like this property such as houses and sometimes physical cash are usually taken away living the brievefed family to continue to live in ultimate poverty.

Furthermore the inadequacy of orphanage in the region is also a major challenge to the orphans in the region. With the few orphanage in the region not all the orphans can afford the few token amount they pay in order for them to be accepted.

Inconlusion it is clear that the plight of the orphans here in the upper west region is nothing to write home about. And I am by this calling on all well wishes to come to the aid of the orphans since they are children and also deserves a better life.

Written by Mahafuz.

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