U/W:Women In Chabaa Commute miles to Access Health Care

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Women and residents of Chabaa, a small farming community in the Dafiama-Issa-Busie District of the Upper West Region have called on government to provide their community with a health facility. This, they said, will ease their struggle in accessing healthcare services. They explained how this affects Pregnant women in the community.

According to residents of Chabaa,they have to travel several kilometers before being able to access antenatal care and other healthcare needs at a neighboring community called Busie.

The absence of a health facility in the community according to residents of Chabaa poses a health risk to them and therefore called on government and the Daffiama-Issa-Busie district assembly headed by Mr. Naadi Sanda Imoro to come to their aid by providing a health facility to the community.

Daffiama-Issa-Busie was carved out of the Nadowli District in 2012, previously Nadowli East, it was first represented as Dafiama-Issa-Busie in Parliament by Mr. Mathias Puozaa before he stepped down after a 4years term for Dr. Sebastian Sandaare to take over both on the ticket of the National Democratic Congres (NDC).

Source: Opera News Ghana

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