U/W: Some Basic Schools Offering Twi in Upper West Region

Gurimuni M/A School’s Time Table

Some Basic Schools within the Wa Municipality before the lockdown were glued to a timetable that suggests twi is being offered in those schools, according to the Ghana Education service, pupils of Upper West Should be taught Dagaare as their basic Ghanaian Language and culture as Dagaare dominates 60% of the Region.

A School in Gurimuni by name Gurimuni M/A was sighted using a timetable from Sekyere South District- Agona suggesting Twi should be taught.

Unit Committee Member for Gurimuni Residential Area, Andrews Sotenge has stated that a three Unit classroom block handed over to the community in 2018 has no furniture.

He added that the Students before the Covid-19 break used to lie on their stomachs to study as a result.

He admitted writing to the assembly to seek for furniture in support of the school but called for it to be expanded as three classrooms was insufficient compared to the number of people in the community.

Assembly Member for the Area, Mr Francis Sorinye confirmed the development stating that the assembly was working to approve 1000 desks for the whole municipality including Gurimuni.

Residents of the Community admitted the absence of furniture in classrooms affected teaching and learning before the covid-19 break in march 2020.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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