Donkey cart chauffeur newly wedded couple in Tumu

The donkey cart used to transport a newly wedded wife in Tumu

A worker at the department of Agriculture and a lotto agent has wedded his lovely wedded wife with a ride on donkey chariot in Tumu.

The groom, Mr Romanus has told “that after the wedding at the Tumu ‘Our lady’s of Lourdes Catholic church, I was cutting my coat according to my size and the donkey cart is what I use in my daily activities and it’s usage comes at no cost”, he said.

Dressed in European styled suit, the bride and her best friend were seen seated in a  latest fashionable apparel which blended very well with the traditional transport.

His bride, who was happily enjoying the jolly ride waved at the onlookers whilst she took turns in a photoshoot with family and friends after being pronounced husband and wife at a morning mass last Sunday.

The donkey cart had roof covered with a tapauline providing the bride shade from the scotching sun.

It was also decorated with ribbons, balloons and had a white cloth tied around the metal area apart from painting it, giving it a colorful outlook which court the attention of the public who watched them gleefully with amusement.

Like the legendary American singer and a song writer, Dolly Parton’s “my coat of many colours” proverbial hit track, the pair couldn’t be bothered about hiring or calling a friend to drive them to church and home as they drove their cart home singing and laughing off the day on a wooden slab as their chair .

Source: Radford FM

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