Police Allegedly Hijack Auction Motorbikes in Wa

File Photo

Police officers within the Ghana Police service have hijacked motorbikes to be auctioned to the public ahead of the process which took place four days ago.

According to the Public Relations officer, Mr. Gideon Ohene Boateng, the Auction was for the end of year in order to mobilize revenue for the state.

Residents who went for the exercise complained that some motorbikes had names of some officers on them already, this suggested that the police auction some of these motorbikes and other resources to themselves a day or two before the event, these bikes are given to some heads of department at lower prices after which the remaining scraps are issued out for auction at extremely lower prices.

This development resulted in a physical exchange between a prisons officer and a police officer at the scene during the process, according to the prisons officer with the Upper West Division, his tricycle which they were fighting over, was stolen and some of its parts removed after which it was dumped at a nearby forest, it was later retrieved by the police as a case was filed to that effect, during the auction, a police officer wrote his name on the Bajaj Tricycle in attempt to buy it, this resulted in the prisons officer rejecting the decision as the police allegedly had already payed money for it behind close doors.

The Auction took place on the 29th of December 2020.

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