U/W: Some Nurses Chase Us Away When we Visit their District

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Residents of Tampieni in the Wa Municipality have regretted the actions of some health personnel in Vieri, a community under the Wa West District of the Upper West Region.

According a Woman by Name Kodi Ama, expressing her displeasure, she explained that anytime they visit Vieri which is 3 kilometers from Tampieni, they are told to return to Wa for health care delivery as that health center isn’t part of their District, this has compelled men and women to travel to Nakore a community 12 kilometers away in order to be able to access healthcare delivery.

This has become a case of worry to them as they confirmed that pregnant women in the community struggle in a tricycle on a deplorable road to the District hospital for child delivery and emergency checks.

They called on the Regional Human Resource Manager, Robert Taaza to attend to the Issue as the development has affected them greatly.

Assembly Man For the Area, Mr. Francis Sorinye assured he would meet with the relevant authorities in order to ensure his electoral area’s health challenges are addressed within the shortest possible time as CSM is approaching.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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