U/W Covid-19: Some Stations in Wa not Observing Protocol

Tamale Station in Wa

Some Passengers onboard a Mercedez benz sprinter from Wa to Tamale have expressed fear and panic with regards to the number of passengers the vehicle carries to Tamale.

According to some passengers in the vehicle, they feel insecure with the number due to the risk involved in sitting too close to each other in this time of covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Mr. Mohammed Rafiq, a passenger, he stated that workers in the station are much particular about the money than the Covid-19 directives, he added that the station has increased the fares with the excuse of spacing passengers but based on what they have observed currently, that isn’t the case.

He called for Authorities to intervene as it is a threat to safety of citizens, The chairman of the Station declined to speak as he stated he was busy. The Sprinter vehicle Carries 22 Passengers and fares have shot up from 30 cedis to 45 cedis.

Same Development was Spotted at the ESP bus station close to Wa Methodist School, due to the Pandemic, fare from Wa to Kumasi was increased from Ghc50 to 65 with the excuse to reduce numbers, this hasn’t been the case. The development has become a measure for extorting vulnerable passengers.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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