Issues about Dagaare Studies Half solved by A Teacher

The issue of Teaching and learning Dagaare has become a challenge as a former Ghanaian Language teacher and human resource manager within the Upper West Region, Madam Mary Assumpta Dakora expressed concerns of unavailability of teaching and learning materials to support its teaching process.

According to her there is a shortfall in the number of qualified teachers expected to teach the course and the Unavailability.

Mr. Saeed Faruk, the Author attended the University of Education, Ajumako campus where he offered Ghanaian Language Studies, he Majored in Dagaare and Minored in English. Mr. Faruk is currently the headmaster for Northern Star SHS in Wa.

In a Statement by Mr. Faruk A. Saeed

“Praises be the Lord. I wish to sincerely thank all friends and mentors for their support and encouragement to come up with the #Second_Edition of #Zanne_Fo_Kɔkɔre (Dagaare/Waale). This second edition is a #Two_In_One set. It has the language and the literature all in it. Copies are now available for your grabs.

Thank you all for the support.”

Source: Opera News Ghana

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